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Utah Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance Agents in Draper, UT

One of the most tragic forms of weather damage comes in the form of flash flooding. Like the rest of the United States, Utah has been introduced to this unfortunate event and we would like to offer essential coverage for clients who live in the area. Below are some of the reasons flood insurance is critical to supplement your home or business insurance policies with United Insurance Services, Inc..

Structural Damage

All of the structures on your home or commercial insurance policy will not be covered by any water damage to the structure. This includes the foundation where the water damage begins and the walls as the water is absorbed and continues to flood higher. These structures can include free-standing garages and sheds that house recreational property. For commercial property, this includes all the offices and warehouses on the property that is a part of the primary insurance policy.

Property Damage

In addition to structural damage is the loss of personal property found within these structures at home. This includes everything from furniture and appliances to electronics and jewelry that may be housed in these areas permanently. Everything that you and your family has collected and worked hard for can be damaged by water in a matter of minutes to a few hours.

For commercial property, this damage would include everything owned within the structure by the business including furniture and appliances, as well as equipment and supplies. The cost of attempting to replace any of these property items will add up quickly without flood insurance.

The Best Lifeboat is Flood Insurance

Do not let everything your family or business has worked to float away with flash flooding. At United Insurance Services, Inc., we strive to serve the residents of the state with their insurance needs, carrying the minimum requirements by the Utah government. Feel free to reach out today to our team about more information and get the protection you need now.

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