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Utah Recreational Insurance Coverage

Recreational Insurance in Draper, UT

In Midvale and the whole of Utah, it is mandatory for you to purchase a recreational insurance policy for your RV, motor home, camper, tent trailer, and other recreational vehicles before you drive them on the road. That’s why we, United Insurance Services, Inc., Draper, UT offer recreational insurance.

Apart from being mandatory, we usually advise our clients to purchase it because it is in their interest. Let’s inform you of the benefits of this insurance. Find the basic types of recreational insurance coverage below.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When you cause someone to get injured while driving your RV, this coverage will pay the person’s medical bill. You may run into another vehicle mistakenly, or you may stop your vehicle abruptly and an oncoming motorist runs into you. Since it is your fault, you are legally obligated to pay their hospital bills. This coverage will refund you for that.

Property Damage

Imagine checking your RV after several months only to find out that it has been stolen or vandalized. Or what if something goes wrong with your RV and it catches fire? What will you do? Whatever action you take is likely to cost you more money.

You could also have a car crash. You can give yourself a safety net for the situations now by insuring your RV. In case of any of the events mentioned above, this coverage may fix your RV or replace it completely.

Medical payments

This coverage works if the policyholder is not directly at fault. Here is a likely scenario. If you allow your friend to drive your recreational vehicle and he mistakenly hits someone, you’ll be liable. Although you were not the one that drove, your vehicle is involved. In this situation, this coverage will pay the medical bills of the victims.

Personal Injury Protection

What if you have an accident with your RV? If you sustain an injury in an accident while driving your insured RV, this coverage will pay your medical bills.

Now, you may have realized that recreational insurance gives you peace of mind on your recreational toy. For more information, you can contact us.

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