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How a home inventory makes filing a home insurance claim easier

Owning a home is something you have dreamed of, and now you have closed on your home and gotten your first home insurance policy. The last thing you want to think about is having to file a claim. Almost 6% of homeowners filed a claim against their policy in 2018. Most of them were for theft. That is the loss of personal property, and having a home inventory can make filing a home insurance claim easier. At United Insurance Services, Inc. in Bluffdale, UT, you can count on us to ensure your insurance needs are met.

Making a home inventory takes time. Most people are busy and put off doing it, but you will be so grateful you took the time if you ever have to file a claim. You have several options when it comes to making the inventory. You can use a pad and pen, or you can use your phone or camera to make a digital record. A combination is probably the best option. Go through each room in your home and record all the items in it. Open cupboard and closets, go through drawers, top to bottom, include everything.

Details are important. Include brand names, models, and serial numbers for electronics. If you have the receipts put them together with the inventory. Don’t forget to go into your basement and the attic. You are going to find you have a lot more personal property than you ever knew. When you are done, you must find a safe place to save this record. A safety deposit box is a good option, but if that isn’t possible, a box that is water and fireproof is the next best thing.

If you want an insurance agent who will offer you lots of choices and put your needs first, United Insurance Services, Inc. in Bluffdale, UT would love to give you a no-obligation quote. Contact us at our office to set up an appointment.