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Is a Car Accident a Criminal Offense?

Driving is something that many people do on a daily basis, whether for work, errands, or leisure. The more you’re out there on the road, the higher the chances are that you’ll become involved in a car accident at some time or another. Many people who have never been involved in a car accident before might wonder if a car accident is a criminal offense. United Insurance Services Inc. is here to assist. In most cases, car accidents aren’t crimes, but here is an overview that explains when a car accident can become a criminal offense. 

Drunk Driving

Whether you’re in Draper, UT or some other city or state, driving drunk is a crime. Driving while intoxicated becomes an even worse crime if you end up causing a car accident. Killing someone while driving drunk is an even more severe crime. You could face significant prison time for committing such an act. 

Hit & Run

A hit-and-run is when a person causes a car accident and immediately flees the scene. Regardless of the reason you decide to leave the scene following an accident, it is considered a criminal offense. After any car accident, even if you hit a parked vehicle, the procedure is to contact the police first and your insurance second. The police will ensure that you or any passengers are transported to the hospital if medical treatment is necessary. 

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As you can see, a car accident isn’t always a criminal offense, but certain instances can cause an innocent car accident to escalate and become a crime. Road rage is another instance in which a car accident can be considered a crime. If you’re in need of a new auto insurance provider, we at United Insurance Services Inc. in Draper, UT are accepting new customers. Contact us today for a quote, and one of our licensed insurance agents will be happy to assist you.