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Utah Home Insurance – What You Need To Know About Home Insurance

For most people, purchasing a home will be the largest purchase that they’ll ever make in their lives.  So why do so many people forgo having their homes insured once the house is paid off?  If you put it into common sense terms, you wouldn’t take a briefcase with $200,000 cash inside and just throw it into a bonfire, would you?  Because, in a sense, that’s what you would be doing if you elected not to have home insurance on a paid-off house and a disaster ended up happening.  Rolling the proverbial dice on a calamity not happening just to save money on the premium each month is simply foolish. United Insurance Services Inc. in Bluffdale, UT can answer any home insurance questions that you may have.

Home Insurance Basics

Most people who buy a house typically take out a loan or mortgage for a set amount of time (15 or 30 years) and during the life of the loan, you will need home insurance as a requirement to protect the lender’s interests or collateral.  You can have coverage limits set to any limit you’d like, although there is a required floor amount that must be used, usually the price of the home or the price of the loan in full.  The higher the coverage limits, the higher amount of premiums that you will pay to the insurance company every month.

Optional Add-Ons

You can also purchase liability coverage for the property to cover any issues that may crop up on the property outside the home.  These issues are more in line with people who may visit the property (friends, acquaintances, etc.) who could slip and fall or otherwise hurt themselves.  Flood insurance is also available in some areas where flooding is prevalent, this would protect your home and property from a catastrophic flood event.

For Further Information

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