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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Natural Catastrophes?

One of the most common questions new homeowners have is, "Does homeowner’s insurance cover natural catastrophes?" Natural catastrophes including events like fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and tornado, and can cause extensive damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. United Insurance Services Inc. in Bluffdale, UT is here to help.

Here’s what you need to know:

Coverage Depends on the Specific Policy

Your coverage always depends on the language in your policy, so it’s important to discuss your needs with a licensed agent, who can ensure you have adequate coverage for your region. 

Many Natural Catastrophes are Covered

Damage caused to your home by these natural catastrophes is covered by most homeowner’s policies: 

  • Fire – except in certain cases, damage caused by a house fire is typically covered
  • Hail – most homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage caused by hail
  • Wind – high winds can damage your shingles, siding, fascia, and more, and these damages are often covered by homeowner’s insurance
  • Winter storms – while damage from winter storms is less common, it’s typically covered by homeowner’s insurance

Some Natural Catastrophes are Not Covered

Although coverage varies, these natural catastrophes are typically covered by a separate, additional policy and not by standard homeowner’s insurance: 

  • Flood – except in very specific circumstances, flood damage is not generally covered by your homeowner’s insurance; you’ll need a separate policy to cover damage from flooding
  • Hurricane – damage caused by a hurricane typically falls under hurricane insurance rather than homeowner’s insurance
  • Earthquake – damage caused by an earthquake is typically covered by earthquake insurance, which you need in addition to homeowner’s insurance if you live in a high-risk area

To learn more or get your quote for homeowner’s insurance, visit us at United Insurance Services Inc. in Bluffdale, UT today. We can help ensure you have the right coverage for your property and region.