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What Should I Know About Roadside Assistance?

When you’re tiring to decide what coverage to have in an auto insurance policy, roadside assistance is an optional piece to consider. Here at United Insurance Services Inc. in Bluffdale, UT, we are committed to helping our customers understand everything they need to know.

Understanding Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is exactly what it sounds like. Should you have problems with your vehicle, such as a breakdown or dead battery, you have access to help. More importantly, it’s available 24 hours a day, whenever you need it. You might use these services to get a tow to a nearby mechanic or simply jumpstart your battery on a cold winter morning.

Coverage For Roadside Assistance 

As mentioned earlier, roadside assistance is an optional coverage that you can add to your auto insurance policy. Here are some situations where it could be useful for policy owners.

  • Dispatching a tow– Have you broken down on the side of the road? Roadside assistance can provide a tow (within specified mileage) to get the repairs you need. 
  • Jumpstart a battery or vehicle lockout- You can have someone come to your location should you get locked out of your car or you need to get your battery jumped.
  • Gas delivery- It’s common for motorists to misjudge how much fuel they have left. Roadside assistance can help should you run out of fuel unexpectedly.
  • Flat tires- Getting a flat tire is more common than you think. Calling someone to help repair it can keep you safe on crowded highways.

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