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What does typical Homeowners insurance cover?

Regardless of where your home is situated in Bluffdale, UT, you are bound to bask in the scintillating mountainous backdrops of the city. Irrespective of the perfect location that your household is located, you need to protect your investment. At United Insurance Services, Inc. in Bluffdale, UT, we offer various homeowners insurance coverages to ensure that you safeguard your home against imminent perils such as theft and other covered damages. Our charismatic agents work closely with our clients to craft coverages that are right for their situation.

A homeowners’ policy covers your home against fire, water damage, lawsuits, theft, and other covered losses stated in your policy document. This form of the policy gets designed to repair or replace your covered belongings regardless of age or current condition. Acquiring home insurance in Utah depends on several factors to determine the premium rates. They include:

  • Location.
  • Materials used for construction.
  • Age (how new or old the house is)
  • Swimming pool.
  • The type of coverage chosen.

Utah residents should choose a home insurance option that is perfect for their budget and lifestyle. In a nutshell, homeowners insurance provides financial protection against loss due to calamities, accidents, and theft. Visit us today at our offices and speak to our team. We will guide you through the process of obtaining home insurance matching your needs and budget.

What is covered under a home insurance policy in Utah?

  • Coverage for the structure of your home: This form of policy caters to renovating or reconstructing your house if it gets ravaged by fire, vandalism, or other calamities. They also cover detached structures such as a gazebo or a garage.
  • Coverage for your belonging: It protects your items such as sports equipment, furniture, and clothes if they are robbed or damaged by fire, hurricanes, or other insured calamities.
  • Liability protection: It covers you against lawsuits emanating from bodily injury or property destruction that you and your family members inflict on other people.
  • Additional living expenses: It caters to additional costs while you are away from your home if it is uninhabitable after damage from a covered peril.

Call or visit our offices at United Insurance Services, Inc., located in Bluffdale, UT, to get a customized quote on a homeowners’ insurance policy.