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What Your Home Insurance Agent Wished You Knew

At United Insurance Services Inc., we’ve helped many Bluffdale, UT residents find excellent home insurance policies at reasonable rates. However, we know that some homeowners don’t understand insurance. Here’s what we want you to know. 

Your Policy Doesn’t Cover Everything 

When we ask you to upgrade to flood and earthquake coverage, we’re not trying to get you to pay more money. Instead, we’re trying to protect you because most homeowners don’t know that a basic policy isn’t going to cover those disasters for their homes.

Wear and Tear Aren’t Protected 

When your home experiences a problem due to wear-and-tear issues, you’re not covered. That might seem frustrating, but these issues are preventable. If you’re careful about how you repair your home, you might never run into these types of issues. 

Coverage Gaps are a Real Problem 

We get that some people cancel their insurance so they can shop for other policies. However, that step leaves a gap that might cause you to get higher rates, as you’ll be seen as a risk. Don’t let your policy lapse at all: buy another one to replace a current coverage type.

Liability Coverage is Essential 

No matter how you use your home, make sure you max out your liability protection. You might even want an umbrella policy. After all, if somebody gets hurt in your house, you’ll appreciate that extra layer of protection to ensure you don’t get financially impacted.

We’re Here for You 

If you need help with your home insurance, call us at United Insurance Services Inc. to learn more. We can help Bluffdale, UT, residents find the policies that make sense for their needs. We’ll do what we can to identify your best options and give you the support you need.