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Unusual Circumstances Home Insurance May Cover

Most homeowners think about a tree limb puncturing a roof or a windstorm causing shingles to fly off the roof when it comes to home insurance claims. While these situations are generally covered under a typical insurance policy in Draper, UT, home insurance offers protection for a number of situations, many of which you may not think about. United Insurance Services, Inc. shares a few of those unusual circumstances.

Dog Bites

In the event that your dog escapes the backyard and hurts a passerby, things can get serious. Depending on the severity and location of the bite, the medical expenses this person has to pay can be significant. There is also a risk of a lawsuit.

The good news is your home insurance will pay for most expenses associated with a dog bite. Of course, you will need to first ensure that the breed of your dog is not an excluded breed from your policy.

Spoiled Food

If you have a large freezer or a separate deep freeze, you may stock up on certain foods when they are on sale. Unfortunately, it only takes a lengthy power outage for these foods to thaw and spoil. During the summer, the outage doesn’t even have to be very long.

In the event this happens to you, you should speak to your insurance company about reimbursement. Although not all, many insurers offer coverage for situations like this one.

Fire Department Fees

If your house catches fire, the effects can truly be devastating. This is true even if the fire department is able to arrive and put the fire out. Unfortunately, some fire departments charge you for their services (putting out the fire).

Luckily, your home insurance policy will usually cover these charges as well as the cost of property damage from the fire.

When you need home insurance for your property, reach out to the agents at United Insurance Services, Inc. serving the Draper, UT area.