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Some of the Most Common Natural Catastrophes in the United States

Sadly, natural disasters are a fact of life. In terms of climate and geography, the United States is immensely diverse. However, this also means that a wide range of natural disasters could impact families across the country. Natural catastrophe insurance will provide protection against many threats.

That said, it’s crucial to study insurance policies closely or to work with an insurance agent to make sure that any given insurance plan protects against specific threats to you, your family, and your home. 

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Some Common Natural Catastrophes

Let’s take a look at some of the most common natural disasters in the United States. While considering catastrophe insurance, it may help to know what some of the most common disasters are.


Wildfires are common throughout much of the United States. Part of California and other areas of the American West have suffered massive wildfires in recent years. Texas, North Carolina, and many other places have likewise suffered wildfires. Areas suffering draughts may be more likely to experience fires that quickly grow out of control.


Each year, there are 14 named storms, on average, in the Atlantic basin. These storms are named in part because they are so severe. Roughly eight such storms will reach hurricane strength with four considered major storms. Occasionally, hurricanes in the Pacific will impact the West Coast. While coastal regions are the most at risk, hurricanes can travel far inland.


While most common across the Midwest, tornadoes can strike elsewhere as well. Each year there are roughly 800 reported tornadoes. These weather events can cause hundreds of millions in damage per year, if not more.


Besides rising water levels, floods can cause mudslides and other problems. Typically, floods are only covered by specialized flood insurance programs. Even those who don’t live in high-risk flood zones should talk with an insurance agent about obtaining coverage.

Severe Storms

Tornadoes and hurricanes often get the most attention, but regular storms are a major risk too. High winds, falling debris, and heavy rains pose a variety of risks.

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