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Who Needs Catastrophe Insurance in Utah?

At United Insurance Services Inc., we provide Bluffdale, UT residents with high-quality catastrophe policies. But what is this type of insurance, and who needs it? Understanding the advantages of this insurance will help ensure you are fully protected and safe from severe financial loss.

Defining Catastrophe Insurance

Catastrophe insurance policies cover specific events that are generally excluded from homeowners insurance. These coverage options typically require a homeowner to identify what type of natural or man-made disasters that they want in their coverage, including things like:

  • Landslides
  • Mudslides
  • Sinkholes
  • Earthquakes
  • Natural floods

Business owners may also get high-quality catastrophe insurance designed specifically for their business needs. In Utah, the types of catastrophes covered will vary. Since the area isn’t prone to events like hurricanes, it may be hard to understand who would even need this type of coverage. However, it is often a good option for many homes or business owners.

Who Needs This Coverage

Although Utah may not seem like a hotbed of natural disasters, many types may occur throughout the state, including:

  • An estimated 800-1,000 wildfires every year
  • Heavy floods caused by melting snow
  • Intense winter or rainstorms
  • Landslides and mudslides near mountains
  • Earthquakes on one of the 200 Utah faults
  • Tornadoes during extreme weather

As you can see, this state is just as prone to natural disasters as any other – perhaps even more in danger than some other areas. And a catastrophe insurance policy will help minimize this risk of financial loss as much as possible.

Finding a Good Policy

If you’re worried about any of these natural disasters in Bluffdale, UT, and want catastrophe coverage, contact us at United Insurance Services Inc. We believe that most home and business owners should have catastrophe coverage, as it represents a small investment that could protect you in significant ways.